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F5VE 5.5 in 3D!

Aight, this is the last F5VE release and it's a special one: the video is in 3D!
The track is produced by Dr. Moon (Cilvaringz, Extince, Wu-Tang).

the single:

01. Memories In The Making
02. Memories In The Making (Instrumental) (84 BPM)
03. Memories In The Making (Acapella) (84 BPM)
04. 24 Bit (ft. Dj Native) (from The Prestige recording sessions)
05. Memories In The Making (iPhone Video)

Watch the 3D video or download the high res MOV.

F5VE - 5.4 yes!

The fourth release: F5VE - 5.4 - U, again with 3D cover.

Download the single:

01. U
02. U (Instrumental) (94.5 BPM)
03. U (Acapella) (94.5 BPM)
04. This Is A Warning (E-rise solo)
05. U iPhone-video

Watch the video or download the high res MOV version.

Release last F5VE single and video:
June 4th: 5.5 - Memories In The Making (ft. Dj Native) (prod. Dr. Moon)

F5VE - 5.3 ...

The third one... F5VE - 5.3. And yes with another amazing 3D cover!

Download the single:

Last Crewsaders - F5VE - 5.3 - Put The Needle On The Record (ft. Dj Versatile & Profanity)
01. Put The Needle On The Record
02. Put The Needle On The Record (Instrumental (95.5 BPM)
03. Put The Needle On The Record (Acapella (95.5 BPM)
04. Speak No Other Languages (Dj Native Remix)
05. Put The Needle On The Record (iPhone Video)

Watch the video or download it in high-res MOV.

Release data following F5VE singles and video's:
May 28th: 5.4 - U
June 4th: 5.5 - Memories In The Making (ft. Dj Native) (prod. Dr. Moon)

F5VE - 5.2 up!

Okay this is the second F5VE release, of course with another 3D cover... still wearing your glasses?

Download the single:

Last Crewsaders - F5VE - 5.1. Wake Up (4XM)
01. Wake Up
02. Wake Up (Instrumental) (150 BPM)
03. Wake Up (Acapella) (150 BPM)
04. Draai Dit Op De Radio (Sir Sore a.k.a. Joe Kudo solo) (Mixtape Track)
05. Wake Up (iPhone Video)

Watch the video or download the high-res MOV version.

Release data following F5VE singles and video's:
May 21st: 5.3 - Put The Needle On The Record (ft. Dj Versatile & Profanity)
May 28th: 5.4 - U
June 4th: 5.5 - Memories In The Making (ft. Dj Native) (prod. Dr. Moon)


F5VE - 5.1 released!

Aight, the first F5VE release is a fact... get your 3D glasses out to see the cover as it's supposed to be.

Download the single:

Last Crewsaders - F5VE - 5.1 - Rock 'M (4XM)
01. Rock 'M
02. Rock 'M (Instrumental) (135 BPM)
03. Rock 'M (Acapella) (135 BPM)
04. Rock 'M (Mixtape Blend)
05. Rock 'M (iPhone Video)

Watch he video or download the high-res MOV version.

Release data following F5VE singles and video's:
May 14th: 5.2 - Wake Up
May 21st: 5.3 - Put The Needle On The Record (ft. Dj Versatile & Profanity)
May 28th: 5.4 - U
June 4th: 5.5 - Memories In The Making (ft. Dj Native) (prod. Dr. Moon)

Download 3D Glasses template

Download the Last Crewsaders 3D glasses template here!

F5VE Teaser

F5VE coming soon.... so prepare and create your own Last Crewsaders 3D glasses.

Flyer Razhel / LC

Joe Kudo - Long Gone

Risen out of the ashes of Last Crewsaders comes the multi-talented Joe Kudo, the new alter-ego of Sir Sore.

The style is hiphop based but goes far beyond that.
It's a melting pot of his inspirations, combining pop, rock and r'n'b music with healthy ambition. After releasing 5 albums, several videos and doing more than 250 shows, including support acts for artists like Ice-T, Razhel, Schoolly D, Alain Clark, Don Diablo a.o., the time has come for Sir Sore to step out of the shadow of Last Crewsaders and stand on his own feet as Joe Kudo.

So Joe Kudo ain't the new kid on the block but a veteran that earned his stripes.
Kudo drops a one-man-show; writing the lyrics, makin' the beats, playin' the music to it, doin' the beatboxes, getting' busy on the 1 and 2's and finally singin' and rappin' on it!
Besides that, he's also responsible for all the design, artwork en photography.
Joe Kudo = D.I.Y. = The One Man Band Man

The first Joe Kudo track to see the daylight is 'Long Gone'.
After receiving feedback of listening sessions by different players in the game there was only one conclusion: Joe Kudo is fresh, new and here to stay!

As of now you can check 'Long Gone' on the 3voor12 Luisterpaal 'cause the track was chosen to feauture on their compilation album 'Hollandse Nieuwe 4'.

Joe Kudo online:

LC supporting Razhel!

@ the 7th of May 2010 Last Crewsaders will be supporting 'living legend' Razhel at his show at Lakei, Helmond.

'The Godfather Of Noise' teams up with Dj JS1 (Rocksteady Crew) for this show, so be there to support us and Razhel!


At the start of may 2010 Last Crewsaders will release there newest project called: F5VE

It contains 5 seperate releases in one en will be releases online.

Every release conains the following:
- the main track
- the video for this track
- the instrumental of this track
- the acapella of this track
+ an exclusive and/or remix track

The releases will be:
F5VE - 5.1 : Rock 'M
F5VE - 5.2 : Wake Up
F5VE - 5.3 : Put The Needle On The Record ft. Dj Verstatile & Profanity (U.K.)
F5VE - 5.4.: U
F5VE - 5.5 : We Made It Happen (prod. Dr. Moon)

Keep visiting this site for the release data!

Before the storm...

Aight, at this time it looks like nothing is happening within the LC... but be warned... At this moment we're busy with finishing a project , project title '5',  that costs us a lot of time but is worth waiting for! So keep on the lookout for '5'.

Also we've added some new gigs... so check it out!


LC supporting Ice 'MF' T!

Yes... we're proud to announce that the LC will support Ice T @ 013!

During his teens Napster spinned Ice his records over and over again.So it's safe to say that for Napster this is a dream come true 'cause the Iceberg is on of the few rappers that he looks up to. Ofcourse the rest of the LC are also looking forward to this gig because Ice 'MF' T is a living legend.

If you never saw an Ice T show before you didn't see a real hiphopshow yet... so better be there to support Ice and yours truly!!!

Limited price deals & a new vid!

It's been already 2.5 years since LC's official Debut album was released on 4XM.

Because we've received some copies back from our distributor we have 2 deals especially for you:
For a limited time you can order a copie of 'Never Dated' for only € 5,- incl. shipping.
If you also buy LC's latest album 'The Prestige' you also get an extra discount of € 5,-.
So for both albums, 'Never Dated' and 'The Prestige' you only pay a special combi deal price of € 12,50 incl. shipping!!!

To order just visit our online shop.

To promote these actions we've recorded a brand new video for 'To The Core' that is on the 'Never Dated' album...
You can watch it on Statemagazine and ofcourse on the LC youtube.
When you're there also check some of the vids that are on the DVD part of 'Never Dated' like a freestylesession of Sir Sore with Keynote Speakers and Blaxtar and a another one with Neo.

LC for sale @ Dog's Bollocks

As of now all 4XM releases are for sale at Kubus & BangBang's store in Amsterdam: Dog's Bollocks.
This means also the last copies of the limited pressings 'Ctrl V.2 EP' & '2nd Invasion Of The Micsnatchers'.

You can get these 4XM releases (with the LC on them) @ Dog's Bollocks:

-Last Crewsaders - The Prestige - € 10
-Last Crewsaders - Ctrl V.2 EP - € 6,-
-Last Crewsaders - 2nd Invasion Of The Micsnatcher - € 6,-
-Last Crewsaders - Never Dated L.E. - € 7,50
-Various - The 4XM Bootleg Remixes Vol. 1 - € 6,-
-Various - South Bombing - € 5,-
-Various - South Bombing 2 - € 10,-

So when your from or in Amsterdam visit Dog's Bollocks to get them!
(Amstelveenseweg 27, 1054 MC Amsterdam)

SBII out now!

Napster's Label, 4XM, released another CD/DVD: Various - South Bombing 2 (4XM/Walboomers). South Bombing 2 is a compilation CD with only Dutch hiphop-acts outta Noord-Brabant on it. Of course the LC also contributed to SBII with the exclusive track 'Press Fast Forward' and the videos of 'The South' and 'Don't Care'. The SBII CD/DVD is for sale for only 10 euro.
You can order it at the official South Bombing website or buy it at your record store.

YouTube premieres

Check out our new video 'From the Underground' exclusivly on YouTube.
It's a guerilla style video, shot in an hour and edited in three.
Truly DIY clipmaking.
The track is produced by Dr. Moon (Cilvaringz, Extince, Wu)
Watch is by clicking here.

As of now you can also watch the Video Diary of our U.K. tour on YouTube.
Because of the length we had to split it up in two parts.

Click here for part 1
Click here for part 2 

Out now: The 4XM Bootleg Remixes Vol. 1 by Napster

Download The 4XM Bootleg Remixes Vol. 1 as of now on Statemagazine.

12 exclusive remixes by Napster, made out of love and for the fun of it, mixed together by King Of The Turntable 07/08 and 2 times Dutch DMC Champ DJ Rachi. Hosted by LC's finest Erise.

Download it here.
visit the 4XM Bootleg Remixes Blogspot to download the NON mixtape version.

U.K. Video Diary Online

It took some time but finally it's there... the Video Diary on the LC U.K. Tour.
Check it out on hiphopinjesmoel: just click here.

Homegrown 2007 released.

Statemagazine's "Homegrown 2007" compilation CD has been released. Once again, just like last year, Last Crewsaders is on it. So hereby we'd like to thank everbody that voted for us!!!  We really appreciate it!

Besides the LC contribution 'This Is Me E' there are tracks on it from a.o.: Jiggy Djé, Opposites, Sticks and DuvelDuvel. For the complete tracklist visit the LC 'Discography' page on this site.

U.K. Road Report online

It took some time but, better late than never, the road report regarding our U.K. tour is online thanks to The video diary will follow as soon as possible.

To read the road report (Dutch) just click here.

LC 'artist of the week' @

The LC has been selected as 'artist of the week' @ In the special 'nummer voor nummer' you can read a interview with the LC on the 'The Prestige' album. In this interview Sore, Rise and Naps tell you everything you need to know about the tracks on the CD.
You can also win a 'LC CD Megapack' (three in total), containing the following releases:
-Never Dated Limited Collector's Edition
-2nd Invasion Of The Micsnatchers
-Ctrl V.2 EP
-The Prestige (with autographs)

To read the 'nummer voor nummer' interview click here.
To win one of the 'LC CD Megapacks' click here.

Video 'The South' on State

Watch the real widescreen version of 'The South' on Statemagazine.
Check it out here.

Napster's Opinion on 2007

Check out Naps opinion regarding 2007 on Lowereast.
You can read it right here.

Free Download: LC DJ Mix

2008 just started and we already have a present for you: the LC DJ Mix as heard on Hiphopinjesmoel Radio.
Sore and Napster picked some of their favorite tracks and made a 30 min. DJ Mix of it.
So get it here in 192 kbps quality. Enjoy!

Video 'The South' online.

Aight, the first video from 'The Prestige' is online!

So check it:
'Last Crewsaders - The South'

Reviews, Interviews & Articles 'The Prestige'

Find below links to reviews, interviews and articles regarding 'The Prestige'.

3voor12 Brabant review The Prestige
3voor12 Brabant article 
3voor12 Brabant interview
3voor12 Arnhem/Nijmegen review The Prestige
3voor12 Arnhem/Nijmegen review Releaseparty interview review The Prestige review The Prestige review The Prestige review The Prestige review The Prestige review The Prestige review The Prestige

LC @ Kink FM

Podcast and/or download the broadcast of Hiphopinjesmoel Radio @ Kink FM with Last Crewsaders now!
Check Sore and Napster out talkin' about the new album and the LC U.K. tour!

How? Just check the links below:

Kink FM - Hiphopinjesmoel Radio - Last Crewsaders - 1st hour

Kink FM - Hiphopinjesmoel Radio - Last Crewsaders - 2nd hour

(click the left mousebutton to listen)
(click the right mousebutton, save target as, to download)

Check out 'The Prestige' already!

Aight, as of from today (the 5th of December) it's possible to listen 'The Prestige' already. Just go to 'de luisterpaal' on 3voor12 and stream it!

Friday the 7th of December you can check us out @ Kink FM. We are invited @ Hiphopinjesmoel Radio. You can listen to it by tuning in on your radio our listen to it online. (so also at a later time)

Brand New LC album: 'The Prestige'

Aight... after 2 releases this year already  (Ctrl V.2 EP & the Mixtape) we're going to end this year with a big bang!

On December the 14th we proudly present a brand new LC album: 'The Prestige'.

We did some heavy promo for this album, to see some articles and reactions just click:
-article State
-forum HIJS

Find the tracklist and the cover underneath.

LC returned from the U.K.

Aight, we've returned from the U.K. Rocked some great show, of the hook! It was nice to see and experience for ourselves what the scene is like in the U.K. Big-up to all 'heads' in the U.K. that supported us, it's more than appreciated! Tour reports are coming a.s.a.p.

Review on 3voor12

On 3voor 12 Arhem - Nijmegen you can read a review of the Ctrl V.2 EP.

To read it click here.

Article U.K. Tour

A interview with Napster, regarding the U.K. tour, resulted in an article on Statemagazine.

To read it click here.

For the 2nd year in a row we're nominated for the prestigues Homegrown CD.

Statemagazine is the initiator of this CD, visitors of this website can chose their 3 favourite (Dutch) tracks for this CD.
The idea is to get a CD that represents the best Dutch hiphop tracks of 2007.
It will be released on Top Notch.

We are nominated with our track This Is Me E, from our Ctrl V.2 EP.
Other artists that are nominated  are (amongst others): Cilvaringz, C-Mon & Kypski,  Pete Philly, Kubus & Bang Bang, Opgezwolle and U-Niq.

You can vote  by sending your top 3 to:
To vote for our track just put us in the number one spot: Last Crewsaders - This Is Me E.
For the other 2  spots just pick your favorite tracks from the nomination list.

To read more about the Homegrown 2007 CD and see the nomination list just click here. (Dutch)

Thanks in advance for the support!  






We're proud to announce that we're going to do a couple of shows in The United Kingdom.
This mini-tour starts at the 9th of November, that day the LC is going is doing the support of MOBO-Winner 2007 'Akala' in the prestigues 'Manchester Academy'.
The day after the LC will do a show at 'The Gateway' in Reading.
The tour will end with a show at 'Cert 18' in York.

After the LC returned you can watch, a.s.a.p., a video diary of our U.K. tour at  so keep checkin' there.


After the recent release of our mixtape, that you can still download on, we hit you with another free, online CD: Last Crewsaders - Ctrl V.2. EP.

The Ctrl V.2 EP is a online release by our recordlabel 4XM in collaboration with State Magazine, it contains 4 new LC tracks and seven remixes:

-Procuctions by: MRC, Dirty Data, Sir Sore and Napster
-Remixes by: Seda (Osdorp Posse), Spinvis, Y'skid, Skiggy Rapz, Linked, Sir Sore and Modules (Lomechanik).

The CD is downloadable for everybody, as from now.
For those who own a PSP there is also some good news: You can download it straight to your PSP!

You can listen and/or download the Ctrl V.2. EP here.

Direct Download (Zip) (right mouse click, save as)


Note: At the end of October the Ctrl V.2 EP as well the 2nd Invasion Of The Micsnatchers 'The Mixtape' will both be released in a limited pressing, especially for fans and collectors.
At that time they will be exclusivley for sale at this website, so if you want to make sure you will be able to get one... keep comin' back!

New 4XM Website

4XM, Napster's label, has a complete new website!
Check out the online player, vids, mp3's, the 4XM Discography etc.

So please visit the 4XM website here

NEW RELEASE: 2nd Invasion Of The Micsnatchers FREE(!) Mixtape

Download the new Last Crewsaders CD:
2nd Invasion Of The Micsnatcher 'The Mixtape'

This mixtape was made during the time the LC worked on Never Dated CD. The mixtape contains mixtape versions of LC tracks, and some exclusive tracks
It's a FREE download, brought to you by the LC in collaberation with 4XM and
The mixtape is downloadable for a limited time only, so don't wait to long!

Especially for our fans and the collectors there soon will be a very limited CD release of this mixtape and it will be only available on this site .
So keep checking our site regulary, so you can buy it before it's to late!

For the tracklist, check our discograpy page.
For more info about the mixtape, check out the special on

Download the mixtape! (click left mouse button)

Sir Sore - Real In The Music > MYSPACE exclusive!

Aight, here's the deal... surf to the official Sir Sore myspace page en download the brandnew solo track of Sir Sore 'Real In The Music'.

'Real In The Music' is a myspace exlclusive!
Written, recorded & produced by Sore, mix & mastering by Napster.


LC on State's Homegrown 2006.

We will appear with our track "Simply The Best" on the State Magazine "Homegrown 2006" compilation CD. So hereby we'd like to thank everbody that voted for us!!!  We really appreciate it!
In the article on State it's even mentioned: (in Dutch)
Het mag duidelijk zijn dat Last Crewsaders een flinke fanclubactie hebben opgezet, met resultaat
This is the tracklist of Homegrown 2006:

1. Opgezwolle - Hoedenplank
2. Last Crewsaders ft. Cunninlynguist & Cashmere - Simply The Best
3. Winne - Pomp Die SHit
4. Jiggy Djé - Blauw Bloed
5. Uniq - Rotterdam
6. Arts De Beatdoctor ft. Pete Philly - The Zone
7. Nul7Negen - (...)
8. Extince - 20 Jaar
9. Kiddo Cee - Middelvinger Balade
10. Heinik'n - Loyaal Voor Het Spelletje
11. Postman ft. Anouk - Downhill
12. Kempi - Zoveel Stress
13. Blaxtar ft. Rico - Schrijf Ik
14. QF - Slette Houwe (Vieze Vrouwe)
15. Salah Edin - 0172
16. Blocnotes - Wat Je Wel En Niet Doet
17. Kleine Jay - Snotaap
18. Nosa ft. Rosco - Een Brug Te Ver

For the article on State Magazine click here.

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